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I started taking photographs while living in Chicago in the early 90s. I was working at a one-hour photo shop that also sold cameras; we were encouraged to bring them home from time to time to get familiar with their features. This sparked my interest in photography. My sister gave me her old manual Pentax and I started taking pictures all the time! I currently manage the photo lab at Duggal Visual Solutions and live in Jersey City, NJ. Developing hundreds of images over the years has helped me develop my eye and creative vision. I have experimented with different equipment, subjects, mediums, and presentations. I am lucky to live in a community that embraces the arts. It has allowed me to grow and meet many other creative people to collaborate with and derive inspiration from. I am an observer — my camera allows me to record what I see, capture the simplest things in life that make our world special, and convey what I find beautiful, painful, comical, and worth remembering. Connecting with others through my images is the best thing about being an artist.

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