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Image Featured at Photoville

Here I am viewing the vibrachrome print at Duggal in NYC

I got an email recently from Kat of Your Art Gallery saying that they would like to use my image "Leptosporangiate" for their exhibit at Photoville in Brooklyn coming up on September 21, 2016. Of course I said yes! When they received the print I was called upstairs to have a look at it and well, it really looked beautiful printed as a vibrachrome! The picture we snapped above on my iPhone does not do it justice. It has a wonderful metallic shimmer to it in person.

If you've never heard of Photoville it's an annual festival built using re-purposed shipping containers. Each container being it's own exhibit. Art is hung on the outside as well as the inside. This year's event is from September 21 to September 25 and is located in Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, corner of Water St. & New Dock St., Directly underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Your Art Gallery will be featuring work by artists that have their prints available through their website. Here is a list of the exhibits and the directions. If you happen to go there and see my photo, I'd love it if you'd tag me @AchenbachArt on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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