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Artexpo New York

The weekend of April 21 through April 24 is Artexpo New York at Pier 94! It's a grand weekend of art and culture with well over 400 exhibitors, education seminars, cocktail parties, live entertainment, and other special events. I'm very happy to have my still life photograph "Leptosporangiate" being exhibited at the Your Art Gallery booth so make sure to stop by and say Hello to the team! This image is by far the most popular from my 2016 solo exhibit THAW, which featured over 50 photographs of objects frozen in suspension. You can see some of the other images from that show on my Your Art Gallery profile.

Wow! My first art expo! I was planning to attend one of the days but am home recuperating from surgery. A bit of a bummer but the healing process doesn't care that I want to shmooze with other artists and art buyers! So I'll be at home watching Netflix while the whole of New York City heads to Pier 94 to see cool art! My hopes are that this is just the beginning of my photographs being displayed at art expos! A girl can hope right? So listen friends, If you have some free time over the weekend I suggest you go check out Artexpo New York! It's the world's largest fine art trade show! They bring together established and emerging independent artists along with over 30,000 art enthusiasts! Not to mention the seminars and classes on art, small business management and social media marketing. Sounds like the place to be! Don't forget to stop at the Your Art Gallery booth and take a photo with my art! You can tag me @AchenbachArt on Instagram and Twitter!

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