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The Exquisite Corpse Show is back!

Kicking off Nimbus' celebration of Women's History Month, curator Tina Maneca is bringing back the Exquisite Corpse Show! Each artist asked to choose between submitting a piece of either a head, a torso, or legs and then she puts exhibits them together to form exquisite corpses. I decided on legs as you can see below!

Gail Marie Boykewich

Robin Prezioso

Melissa Cate

Wendy Weber-Bratton

Andrea Artemis Morin

Dana Scott

Susan Evans Grove

Eileen Ferara

Tina Maneca

Vanessa Velez

Heather Warfel

Leah Mara Suarez

Cecilia Martinez

Katie Duffy McGeehin

Beth Achenbach

Nohi M.

Suzan Globus

Beth Bentley

Caridad Sierra Kennedy

Lucy Rovetto

Ena Santos

Andrea McKenna

Monique Sarfity

Stephanie Romano

Christina Alessi

Claudia Modlin

Cheryl Gross

Tiffany Holman

Katie Niewodowski

Anonda Bell

Theda Sandiford

Bojana Coklayt-DiFeo

Dayana Poulard

Athena Flora Toledo

Karen Nielsen-Fried

Agnieszka Wszolkowska

Rachel Therres

Isabelle Duverger

Alex Gulino

Ameerah Shabazz

Leslie Sheryll

Y. Fransheska

Kathleen Smith Tobin

Eileen Marie Fernandez

Elizabeth Rovetto

Stephanie Daniels

Megan Klim

Carma Adato Maneca

Latifah Abdus-Salaam

Sandra Swieder

Leah Suarez


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