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August is Pride Month in Jersey City and I'm excited to be participating in an outdoor art installation being put on by @Walk_bye and @JCpride, curated by Catalina Aranguren. and installed at the Jersey City Public Library at 472 Jersey Avenue, downtown Jersey City. The installation is on the windows of the library along the Montgomery Street side of the building. It was unveiled on Friday August 13th(see photo of me). Eight LGBTQ artists were chosen and each was given a color of the original Gilbert Baker Rainbow flag from 1978. My color was indigo. I initially was going to do a close up image of myself holding a small version of the planet earth but it didn't seem that compelling so I worked on my own rendition of the tin man which ended up in it's final version being him holding his hands as a heart, which, by the way, started out as a selfie I took of myself holding my hands/arms like that! Prints can be purchased through my online shop.


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